Shavano's Ghanima Marula
Shavano's Ms. Indie


What's up?


05/09-12 - Pictures, BPH-results and show-results

07/06-12 - Results from the norweigan ridgeback speciality show - and a bunch of pictures

11/09-11 - Long time no see ;O). The M-pups turns 2 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM US AT HILTON! Some new pictures at the picturesite - some shownews.

24/05-10 - Last puppyshow for Indie

16/05-10 - Some new pictures from tracking with the norweigan RR-club and at home in "our" forrest :O)

27/04-10 - Results from this weekends show. Thank you Hanne for handling and for "babysitting" the Zprincess ;O). Pics from Indies firsth bath as well.

02/04-10 - Stacked pics of Indie

23/02-10 - Loads of winterpictures
20/02-10 - Forgot last weekends results - you'll find them here - pics - pics and pics

31/01-10 - Result from this weekends show. Indie was awarded BIG1 at saturday, and BOS the second day - only beaten by her brother Atlas. Nice done by the siblings! Pictures from a little kennelgathering as well.
17/01-10 - Results from sunday shows
16/01-10 - Indie was shown at her first show today. Won the puppieclass - pics and critics

07/01-10 - Happy new year! - More pics from us (thanks to Hanne)

28/12-09 - Merry christmas - some pictures from us!
21/12-09 - Puppy gathering in Oslo
19/12-09 - Shavano's Ms. Ronja ("Helga"), finally got her new home! Good luck to our little sweetiepie, hope to see you alot!!!
11/11-09 - New pics here and here
07/09-09 - 7 of the pups have moved to their new homes - more in the blog
11/09-09 - M' pups born! Look
at the blog for all info

30/08-09 - Got some new pics from Åsa and Quentin. Created a blog for the m'pups

06/08-09 - Marula is indeed in whelp, confirmed by ultrasound this very night. The vet counted 10 (!!), but as we know - 1 or 2 could have been counted twice, or he cuold have missed 1 or 2..hihi! Some new pics as well
17/07-09 - News about the mating

01/07-09 - Some new pics
12/06-09 - We're planning pups!
05/06-09 - Skrulla turns 6 years today, we're celebrating with this new site!








- the gentle ridgie
and her daugther