Shavano's Ms. Indie





11/09-11: Indie is 2 years TODAY (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) and is a really easygoing little girl. She has been at some shows, but unfortunately - she's a little bit to small (she is 61 cm, "allowed" as the breed standard says) and most of the judges likes the big ridgies instead of the small. BUT! Indie is a wonderful, wonderful little girl. She greets anyone, loves everybody, goes with ALL kind of dogs (and humans) and is our little treasure! She bugs the h*** out of her mother (witch is to kind to her daugther) and depends on her mother to fix things ;O). This winter we'll do some agility, I guess she'll love it - as she really likes to run, jump and "be all over the place".

31/01-10: Indie is now 20 weeks old, has had her debute in the showring (does well!), and she is a little charmer! She charmes all our colleagues with her calm and pleasant behavior (inside it is). Outside shes a whirlwind - LOVES to play in the snow, and is really fun to observe. Has learned that it is ok to ask other dogs if its ok to say hello (not just climb right up on their back...) and has learned how to be a sleddog (the pulling it is ;O) ). She's a cutipie!


13/11-09: Well, she's only 9 weeks at this time. We don't really know her that well, yet!
We hope that she'll have a bit of her mom, a bit of her dad - and a lot of her self! 



20 weeks

12 weeks


4 weeks











- the gentle ridgie
and her daugther

Shavano's Ghanima Marula
Shavano's Ms. Indie