Shavano's Ghanima Marula
Shavano's Ms. Indie




Shavano's Ghanima Marula



Born: 05/06-03
HD: A (free)

ED: 0/0 (free)

Height: 63 cm
Weight: 32 kg

MH-tested, gun shot proof

MH result (in Norweigan)




Once you get to know her, (hmm...once SHE gets to know YOU!), you just can't stop loving her great personality. Every dog has it's personality - Marula has a BIG one. Marula lived at kennel Shavano for two years, but in november 2005 it was decided that she should move to us. Two of Marulas biggest heros in the world were (are) Irene and the eldest son Morten and our big love is this wonderful, wonderful girl. She has crawled in to our hearts, and I'm sure this queen will stay there for ever!
Marula has some very few persons she really loves - and a good sign of her love is the way she pinch their toes or fingers. So if you meet her, and she starts to seek your toes; be proud! You'r a choisen one!!!

Marula was mentality tested when she was only 16 months old with a very good result. She shows great deal of curiousity and she easily overcomes fearful events on the mentality test.

Marula has 2 litters - J-litter and M-litter from Kennel Shavano.












- the gentle ridgie
and her daugther